Scope and Objective

PECOL GROUP is committed to the protection and confidentiality of personal data of all its customers and suppliers.

This privacy policy describes how we collect and use their personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

PECOL GROUP, is responsible for data processing. This means that we are responsible for deciding how we store and use personal data. It is required by law that we notify all employees of the information included in this Privacy Policy.


1. Information collected

  • Information provided by the user

PECOL respects your right to privacy and does not collect any personal information about you on Pecol websites without your explicit consent.

Interaction with this page does not require any information from the user, except when, for expressly identified purposes, the user’s registration is declared necessary and authorized by him/her, as defined below.

  • Information processed automatically

“Cookies” are data sets that a website sends to your computer while you are visiting it. These data files include information to store important data that will make your navigation more efficient and useful. This website uses cookies for a variety of purposes, including obtaining non-personal data from online visitors.

Whenever you access Pecol websites, a cookie is registered in your device’s memory. A cookie is a packet of data that our website sends to your device while you are visiting them.  At any time, you can set your device to accept, refuse or delete cookies, notably by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser.

You can set cookies in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. Please note that by disabling cookies, navigation on our website may not show the same level of performance.

Cookies are used to help determine the usefulness, interest and number of visits, allowing faster and more efficient navigation, on the one hand increasing the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other hand, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

The use of cookies not only helps Pecol websites to recognize the user’s device the next time he/she visit us, but is also essential for their performance. Cookies used on Pecol websites do not collect any personal information to identify the user. They only store generic information such as the way and/or place of access of the user and the way the user uses the websites. Cookies only retain information related to the preferences of the user.

The cookies used by PECOL are:

  • Permanent Cookies

These are cookies that are stored at browser level on your access equipment (PC, mobile and tablet) and are used every time you visit the Pecol websites again. They are generally used to direct navigation to the user’s interests, allowing us to provide a more personalized service.

  • Login Cookies

These are temporary cookies that remain in the browser’s cookie file until the browser abandons the web page, so there is no record on the user’s hard disk. The information collected by these cookies serves to analyze traffic patterns on the website. Ultimately, this allows us to improve the content and usability of Pecol websites.

What do we use cookies for?

  • Cookies strictly necessary

They allow you to browse Pecol websites and use their apps, as well as access secure areas. Without these cookies, the services you have requested cannot be provided.

  • Analytical Cookies

They are those that allow us to quantify the number of users and perform the measurement and statistical analysis of how users use the service offered. We examine your navigation on the websites, with the aim of improving the supply of products or services that we make available to you.

  • Feature Cookies

They save the user’s preferences regarding the use of the website, so that it is not necessary to reconfigure it each time you visit it. They also allow us to improve our service and thus offer a better user experience.

  • Third Party Cookies

They measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They can also be used to customize a widget with user data.

  • Advertising Cookies

They target advertising according to the interests of each user, so that advertising campaigns take into account their browsing habits. These cookies allow you to show advertising related to your browsing profile.

The removal of cookies may prevent some web services from functioning properly, partially or totally affecting the navigation on Pecol websites.

For more information about cookies, how to prevent them from being installed or how to delete the cookies on your hard drive, the user can visit the following website:

You can find information about the control of cookies according to your internet browser at the following addresses:

Internet Explorer:






Principles of Data Protection

All personal data that we store and process:

What kind of information we store about you

Personal data or personal information, is any information about a natural person that identifies him/her. Data where the identity has been anonymized are not considered personal data.

There are more sensitive “special categories” that require a higher level of protection.

PECOL GROUP, collects, stores and processes the following categories of personal information:

  • o Personal information such as name, address, cell phone, e-mail;
  • o Tax data for invoicing;
  • o Banking data.

How is your personal information collected?

PECOL GROUP, collects personal information from customers and suppliers through paper delivery, e-mail or computer applications.

How do we use your personal information?

PECOL GROUP only treats personal information when the treatment is allowed by law. Normally, we use the data for the following circumstances:

Situations in which we use your personal information

There are several situations where we use your personal data, such as:

To create business partner or customer contact in CRM or Shipping Notes

To control access to company facilities

To invoice a service

Use of data for other purposes

The data will only be used for the purposes for which they were collected. However, in specific cases, the data may be used for other purposes, provided that this purpose is still within the limits of the initial treatment and the necessary security conditions are guaranteed. Whenever such circumstance occurs, the company will notify the employee stating all the reasons and legal basis for the new processing.

Your rights:

Duty to keep us informed of changes

It is very important that the personal information we hold about you is correct and up-to-date. Please keep us informed of any changes during your employment relationship with us.

The Right of Access

You have the right to access your personal information. This allows you to receive a copy of all personal information that we hold about you and to verify that it is handled lawfully.

The Right of Correction

You have the right to the correction of personal information that we keep about you. This allows you to correct any incorrect or incomplete information.

The Right to Delete

You have the right to delete your personal data. This allows you to ask to delete or remove your personal information if there is no acceptable reason for us to continue processing it. You also have the right to ask us to delete or remove your personal information when you have exercised your right to object to the processing.

Right to object to processing

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data when we are processing them on the basis of legitimate interest.  If there is a specific situation concerning you, you may also object to the processing.

Right to request processing restriction

You have the right to request the suspension of the processing of your personal data, for example, if you want us to check its accuracy or grounds for processing.

Right of transfer

You have the right to request the transfer of your personal information to another party.

Our obligations:


PECOL GROUP, ensures that the people authorized to process personal data have made a commitment of confidentiality or are subject to the appropriate legal obligations of confidentiality.

Data Transfers

The personal data provided will be transferred between the companies of the PECOL GROUP. In case there is a need to contract external services, only sub-contractors will be selected that present enough guarantees of adequate measures to comply with the requirements imposed by the RGPD. These service providers are not authorized to use the data of PECOL GROUP workers, for their own purposes, they only carry out the processing expressly identified by the employer and under the terms established by him.

All employees of the service provider are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

Personal data security measures

PECOL GROUP, has the organizational and technical measures required to meet the demands of the General Regulation of Data Protection;

Among them, are measures to prevent unintentional loss of data, avoid access to data by unauthorized employees, modification of data and disclosure of data.

To this end, access to data is limited to employees and service providers whose duties necessarily involve access to data. The processing by them will be done under the terms stipulated by PECOL GROUP, are subject to confidentiality duties.

PECOL GROUP also develops procedures to resolve any suspected breach of security and will notify its customers and suppliers in the event of any leak under the terms imposed by the RGPD.

Fees for the exercise of your right

You will not have to pay any fee to access your personal information (or to exercise any other right), however, we may charge a minimum fee if your requests were clearly unfounded or excessive.

Alternatively, the PECOL GROUP may, in such circumstances, refuse to comply with the request.

What we may need from you

PECOL GROUP may request specific information about you in order to confirm your identity and guarantee your right of access to personal data. This is a security measure to guarantee that your personal information is not disclosed to any person who does not have authorization to access it.

Right to withdraw consent

In situations where you have given your consent to the collection, processing and transfer of your personal data for a specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To withdraw your consent, please contact our Data Protection Officer, whose data are listed below. After receiving notification, we will no longer process your personal information for the purposes originally agreed upon, unless we have another basis to do so.

Change in Privacy Policy

PECOL GROUP, reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. We will notify all our employees of future substantial changes.

Data Protection Officer contact: